Business Speaker ROBERT STEVENSON releases “52 Essential Habits for Success”

Robert Stevenson, popular leadership and sales speaker, and author of How To Soar Like an Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys has just released a new program entitled: “52 Essential Habits for Success”.

Stevenson describes the motivation behind the new book and program: “The book and my program are based on the question, Why is it that some people succeed while others fail, or lead lives of mediocrity … or said another way …What do they need to do to be successful? That answer seems to elude most people. I have written this book and program to address that specific question. Most people don’t like to study, refer back to books or articles they read, prepare lists, or assess their current situation and then change the way they do certain things. So, how can I get them to replace old, unhelpful, sometimes destructive wasteful habits with new, helpful, useful habits without having them do all the things I just mentioned? I have designed a simple way for them to condition their mind with powerful success habits, that when used, will be the driving force behind their future success.”

Call McKinney Speakers at 877-468-9370 for special pricing for this program (expires Dec. 22, 2009).

Learn more about Robert Stevenson HERE.

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